Monday, October 18, 2010

ADF Model: Creating View Link

A View Link is created between two VOs to link them via foreign key. Please follow the below steps (screen shots) to create a View Link.

1. Right click any package and select 'New View Link..'

2. Give package and name for the view link. Click 'Next'.

3. Select source and destination VOs and the select the attribute based on which you need to link the VOs. If there is already association defined between the base EOs of the selected VOs, you can select the source and destination associations and click on 'Add'. The source and destination attributes will be shown at the bottom. Now, click 'Next'.

4. Select the check boxes to generate accessors in each of the VOs. Click 'Next'.

5. Click 'Next' until the 'Summary' stop, check the summary and click 'Finish'.


  1. Hi ,
    I have created two programmatic VO and I wanted to create view link between them but some how it it not working .I tried with all possible ways to create view link but could not succeeded .
    Could you please give me some idea where I am wrong and any work around solution for that.



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