Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ADF Model: Creating Entity Object (EO)

ADF Entity Object (EO) is created based on database table. To create an entity object, follow the below steps:

1. Right click on your model project and select 'New'. Alternatively, you can select 'New Entity Object' right clicking the package name.

2. 'New Gallery' window opens -> Search for Entity Object -> Select 'Entity Object' and click 'OK'.

3. If the database connection is not yet defined, it'll open 'Initialize Business Components' wizard -> Click on '+' and it'll open 'Create Database Connection' window -> Give your database settings -> 'Test Connection' -> Click 'OK' when the connection is success.

4. It'll select the created DB to create all business components.

5. Now, 'Create Entity Object' wizard appears -> In the 'Name' stop, Give Name for the EO, select/give package for the EO. And, you can browse for existing schema objects by clicking on 'Browse..' and then search and select the DB table.

6. Click 'Next' -> The 'Attributes' section displays the all columns in the table selected and they'll become the EO attributes.

7. Click 'Next' -> In the 'Attribute Settings', you can give properties for your EO attributes. At least one column should be primary key (I selected EmpNo). Otherwise, it'll ask to have RowID as the Primary Key.

8. Click 'Next' -> The 'Java' section is for generating Java Impl files for EO. Click 'Next' -> You can optionally generate default View Object (VO) and Application Module (AM) for the EO.

9. Click 'Next' -> 'Summary' displays the summary of EO -> Click 'Finish'.

10. Now, you'll find the newly created EO in model project under the specified package.


  1. Hi, I have to display records from 2 database tables (one to many relation b/w them) in a tabular format.
    User also has options to enter data in the form and upon submitting it should insert new records in both tables. Like wise it should be able to update/delete. The primary key of the parent table (which is also refereed at child table) is a user key-in data (not a sequence number. Display is not an issue but inserting new record is the problem. Plz help to achieve it.. Thanks

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