Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to Create ADF (Fusion) Web Application

Creating ADF web application is easy. Just follow the below steps to start with.

1. Open Jdeveloper -> Select 'Default Role' in 'Select Role' dialog -> It'll open the Jdeveloper in default perspective/layout

2. The default Jdeveloper layout will contain 'Application Navigator', 'Structure' and Editor work area and 'Tip of the Day'.

3. Now select 'New Application' from Application Navigator

4. In the 'Create Fusion Web Application' window, give Application Name, Directory in which you want to create the application and then default package prefix which the Jdeveloper takes as the default package for all ADF objects in the application.

5. For any ADF application, you generally have minimum two projects namely 'Model' and 'ViewController'. Give the Name and default package prefix for these projects in the next stops in the same window. And, Jdeveloper will select the required technologies for Model and ViewController projects by default and if you want to add more technologies to your project, you can shuffle them in the settings.

6. Now, after giving all details, click on 'Finish' and it'll create the new application and you'll see it in application navigator.


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  4. Very informative. simply great. Thanks for sharing the complete process of creating a web application. I am going to try these steps to make an application that I have already planned. These steps are of great help to me as I can now easily create an application.


  5. Thank you for taking it easy on us for the first few steps. Can I just ask that, as you get more complex, that you describe the thinking behind why you select some options as opposed to others.

  6. Mostly the video is very helpful to understand the fusion web application. Thanks for the sharing.

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