Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ADF UI: Status or Waiting Indicator using ADF

This is a simple post on including status or waiting indicator in ADF page. First, find a place where you want to add the Status indicator in your main jspx page or template and include the tag below (Generally we'll place it in the top right corner).

<af:statusIndicator id="si1"/>

That's it! It's pretty straight forward. It'll render the default status indicator (spinning or idle 'O') corresponding to busy or idle status of the server.

But, if you want to use your custom icons to indicate busy or idle status, you need to specify that in css in your skin.

af|statusIndicator::connected-icon, af|statusIndicator::disconnected-icon, af|statusIndicator::idle-icon { content: url(/images/idle.gif); } af|statusIndicator::connecting-icon, af|statusIndicator::processing-icon, af|statusIndicator::reconnecting-icon { content: url(/images/busy.gif); }


  1. How to change the Status indicator to block the page and display in center of the page, like a modal popup?

  2. Me too...
    How do that like a modal popup?

  3. Check Frank post on glasspane

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