Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ADF UI - Hiding 'Detach', 'Wrap' and 'Freeze' icons from af:panelCollection

If you dropped af:table inside af:panelCollection, then by default the buttons 'Datach' button icon will be rendered. Similarly, if you specify columnSelction="multiple", the buttons 'Wrap' and 'Freeze' will be rendered by default. So, if you want to hide those buttons, just specify featuresOff="detach freeze wrap" for af:panelCollection.

Sample code below:
<af:panelCollection id="pc1" styleClass="AFStretchWidth" featuresOff="detach freeze wrap">

PanelCollection without "featuresOff" set:

After setting featuresOff="detach freeze wrap":

As you can see, the panelCollection is clean without 'Detach', 'Freeze' and 'Wrap' icons after setting featuresOff="detach freeze wrap" .


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