Friday, November 5, 2010

ADF UI - How to include Row Header for af:table?

If you're using af:table and row selection is enabled for the table, a must for the table is 'Row Header'. Row header enables the user to select a single row from the table. To add a row header to the table, just add a blank column as the first column and specify width="5", minimumWidth="5" and rowHeader="true" and specify align="right". Don't include any field inside this row header column.

Below is the code for row header. You can copy-paste this code as a first column in the table and that's it. You're done!
<af:column id="c4" rowHeader="true" width="5" minimumWidth="5" align="right"/>

Sample screen shots:
Table without row header:

Table after adding row header:


  1. You have explained about multiple selection in a table.I wanted multiple selection through checkbox.Can you help me on this.

  2. Yes Murali, Even i'm looking for the same functionality.I tried things in google , but i have select all, deselect all and select multiple rows in a table . And another case is Select all Ex no of rows are :10 selecting all 10 via checkbox and unchecking one or two of them. I tried all means but i'm not successfull.
    Your help is appreciated.
    Thanks in advance !

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