Thursday, November 4, 2010

Debugging Tip - Easy way of viewing stack traces in the server log

While debugging, you may find it very difficult to scroll through entire 'Log' window to find out your stack traces in case if there is some error while running UI or model code. To view the stack traces available in the Server log, just right click in the log window and select 'Stack Traces..'.

Now, the 'Stack Traces' window will be opened and it'll show all the stack traces in the log.

You can navigate through the stack traces very easily in the 'Stack Traces' window. And, if you want to go to the some line in code from the stack trace, just select that line in stack trace and click on 'Go To' button in the window. Control will move to the code editor at the corresponding line no. If the source file is from different project, it'll ask to select the project containing the source and once you select the project it'll search in that project and goes to the corresponding line.


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